Disc Brake Adapter

Disc brakes became very comon in the beginning of the 90’s. All the XC forks don’t had adapters on fork legs integrated, this is something Marzocchi did starting with Bombers. I’m not sure, but they build different forms of disc adapters, e.g. adapter on both sites and for different typs of disc mounts. 

The solution for the older XC forks has been customized by aluminium adapters which had been mounted using the holes in the fork. 

A very rare version of XC600 and XC700 had been produced without candi sockets, I have a XC700 here for sure and I have seen one XC600 in the net without sockets. WIll add the pictures later fir sure.

From what I know is, that there have been 4 adaptors available for different types of disc brakes … for the XC’s and DH3. I colleceted a lot of pictures about, but need to sort them out. 


SinHan2 800 SinHan1 800 image Formular Adapter XC600 DH3-Formula adapter 2014-07-07 21.48.56 2014-07-07 21.48.43 image







DH3 Disc Brake Adapter $_57 XC700 Disc Brake Adapter $_57 DH3 Disc Brake Adapter




Sachs Scheibenbremse I Sachs Scheibenbremse II





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