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Marzocchi compatible Oil Seal Press-in Tool for ⌀38mm Bomber’s – IN 2022


This tool is used for pressing the 38mm oil seal into the sliders top. The smaler bottom section is long enough to keep the tool vertical as this is most impoartant to press the oil seal in!

You can also use it to press the dust seal in, take the little spring out before you do!

Available on back-order

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This is my own optimzed version where I changed the material to impact-resistant plastic to do oil seal press-ins without damaging the slider, bushings or seals!! Use it with a plastic hammer only!

for all 35mm Bomber forks

  • named in Marzocchi Bomber manuals as Specific Tool Ref. B
  • Item MARZOCCHI No. : Ref B, Rxxxxxx
  • Item LARM : …

Additional information

Weight 0,216 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 cm

This article is a 1:1 reconstructed version in hight quality based on the original part MARZOCCHI no.: R5047.

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